MBBS in China 2023-24: Fees & Admission

MBBS in China is a popular international educational choice. Students from across the world and especially India flock to study in reputed universities in China. MBBS in China is a dream come true for many students. The renowned universities in China offer top-grade medical education to deserving candidates. You can turn your aspiration of pursuing medical education with our advisory. We are proud to provide you with effective counseling on an international medical career. To apply for the MBBS course in China, the aspirants will have to secure at least 70% in PCB. Else, the candidates must score 200 in NEET. MBBS courses in China are pocket-friendly, so students can easily afford the fee. The aspirants may have to bear an annual cost of $4000 to $5000 to study medicine in China's top medical universities. Further more, the medical colleges in China are recognized by WHO and NMC. Several global medical councils and NMC approve more than 25 medical universities in China. Once the degree is complete, the Indian students will have to clear the NMC exit- test to start practicing in India as a doctor. If you are eager to study medicine at a foreign university, apply for MBBS courses in China. The benefits of studying MBBS in China are many.

MBBS in China - Important Links
  1. Medical Courses in China
  2. Duration of MBBS in China
  3. Eligibility Criteria in China
  4. Recognition of Universities
  5. Documents Required
  6. Medium of Teaching
  7. Advantages
  8. Fee Structure 2023-24
MBBS in China at a Glance
Degree MBBS
Intake for MBBS in China September
Duration of MBBS in China 5 to 6 Years
Eligibility for MBBS in China 70% Marks in PCB, NEET Qualified
Medium of Teaching Chinese/English
Fees in China 21000 RMB to 48000 RMB Per Year
Living Cost in China 12000 - 15000 RMB Per Month
Recommended Universities by Eklavya Overseas China Medical University, Jilin Medical University
Recognition of Medical Universities NMC, WHO, FAIMER, Ministry of Education China.

There are limited seats for MBBS/Medicine Course in China. Contact Eklavya Overseas for MBBS admission in china.

Why Do MBBS in China?

The followings are the primary reasons behind choosing MBBS in China:

  1. There are 45 NMC approved MBBS universities in China for providing medical guidance.
  2. The high-class state art infrastructure is another reason behind studying MBBS in China.
  3. The admission process is simple.
  4. The students who are admitted to medical universities in China will get international exposure.
  5. There is little chance of visa rejection in this country.
  6. China is a safe country for Indian students due to the minimal crime rate.
  7. The medical aspirants get access to world-class MBBS programs in China at a cheaper cost.
Medical Courses in China
Course Total Duration
MBBS (Bachelor)  6 Years
Dentistry (Bachelor) 5 Years
Pharmacy (Bachelor) 4 Years
Nursing (Bachelor) 4 Years
Duration of MBBS in China

China is an ideal place for you to study MBBS courses because of the international educational standard.

  1. The medical institution of China facilitates six years of MBBS courses.
  2. In China, the students will complete five years of classroom learning.
  3. They will have to follow it with one year of internship in a medical institution.
Eligibility criteria for MBBS Admission in China

Students must abide by these eligibility guidelines to do an MBBS degree in China:

  1. The age of the medical aspirants must be 17 to 25 years.
  2. The candidates must clear the 12th standard examination from a recognized board with 60% marks in the science stream.
  3. Qualifying for the NEET examination is mandatory for direct admission to top universities of China.

Eligibility Criteria of Some the Top Medical Universities in China

University Name Eligibility Criteria
Jilin University 70% in PCBE, 250 Score in NEET
Dalian University 70% in PCBE, 250 Score in NEET
China Medical University 80% in PCBE, NEET Qualified
Anhui Medical University 70% in PCBE, 200 Score in NEET
Shandong University 65% in PCBE, 250 Score in NEET
Nanjing Medical University State Board 85% and CBSE 70%  in PCBE, 230 Score in NEET
Fujian Medical University 65% in PCBE and 200 Score in NEET
Wenzhou Medical University 70% in PCBE and 200 Score in NEET
Jiangsu University 70% in PCBE and 240 Score in NEET
Southeast University 70% in PCBE and 220 Score in NEET
Yangzhou University 70% in PCBE and 220 Score in NEET
Soochow University 70% in PCBE and 200 Score in NEET
Sichuan University 70% in PCBE and 300 Score in NEET
Guangzhou Medical University 70% in PCBE and 250 Score in NEET, Internship Compulsory
North Sichuan Medical University 70% in PCBE and 200 Score in NEET
Xiamen University 65% in PCBE and 200 Score in NEET
Kunming Medical University  70% in PCBE and 230 Score in NEET
China Three Gorges University 75% in PCBE and 250 Score in NEET, Internship Compulsory 
Qingdao University 80% in PCBE and 250 Score in NEET
Shihezi University 75% in PCBE and NEET Qualified
Recognition of Medical Universities in China

Prestigious medical bodies accredit most of the Medical universities in China to offer Chinese MBBS.

  1. National Medical Commission ( NMC)
  2. World Health Organization (WHO)
  3. Ministry of Education, China (MOE)
  4. Foundation of Advancements of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)
  5. Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)
  6. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
Documents Required for MBBS Admission in China

To study MBBS in China, candidates have to submit all these required documents.

  1. The notarized copy of the birth certificate of the candidates.
  2. The mark sheets and certificates of 10th and 12th examinations.
  3. HIV test report.
  4. Passport-size photographs.
  5. Official documents of the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  6. Invitation letter from the concerned medical university.
  7. A passport copy.
  8. NEET Scorecard.
Medium of Teaching for MBBS in China

All the NMC approved universities of China offer medical education in English. There is no language barrier for students from India looking for admission to MBBS Course in China.

MBBS Admission Procedure in China

The simple admission process is one of the highlights of MBBS in China. Take a look at the process.

  1. Once you get in touch with Eklavya Overseas, you get a brief idea about the entire process of seeking admission to MBBS in China.
  2. Please register with us and provide required documents such as scanned copies of their 10th mark sheet, 12th mark sheet and passing certificate, NEET certificate, and the first and last page of their passport.
  3. We shall forward the application to the concerned university.
  4. Once the university accepts the application, it will issue a Provisional Admission Order, confirming the student's admission. After that, we receive the provisional admission order, visa application form, physical examination form, and the rules and regulation form.
  5. Forward all the later mentioned forms duly filled and signed to Eklavya Overseas.
  6. Rules and regulations form duly signed.
  7. Copy of the passport.
  8. Copy of police clearance certificate.
  9. Visa Application Form (signed only) with a photograph as per the specification.
  10. Physical Examination Form filled by the government doctor with seal and signature along with the doctor’s registration number on the front page photograph and back page with hospital seal. Other supporting medical reports (Hepatitis B, blood group, VDRL, HIV, ECG, vision test, chest x-ray, blood pressure, and blood routine) should also be forwarded.
  11. Rules and regulation form.
  12. After this, Eklavya Overseas will apply for JW202 Form.
  13. As soon as the JW202 Form is received, the original passport within 21 days of PAO receipt, Eklavya Overseas will apply for the Visa at China Consulate/Embassy. We will provide the visa to the applicant within ten days.
  14. The student must then obtain the Letter of Direction from Eklavya Overseas while making all the necessary travel arrangements as required. All the original documents and certificates are presented to the concerned university.
Advantages of MBBS in China

MBBS in China opens up a myriad of opportunities; check the below points:

  1. The medical degrees provided by medical universities in China are globally accepted.
  2. There are ample job opportunities after completing MBBS in China.
  3. The students do not face any racial discrimination in China.
  4. China has gained massive popularity for the top 10 medical colleges inthe world.
  5. China medical universities offer low-budget hostel facilities to the students.
  6. The international partnership provides the facility of international exposure to the students.
  7. The standard of medical education is very high in Chinese universities.
Medical Universities in China
Jilin University Dalian Medical University Xinjiang Medical University
Wenzhou Medical University China Medical University Zhejiang University
Huazhong University of Science & Technology Xian Jiaotong University Qingdao University
Beihua University Hebei University Sun Yat Sen University
Anhui Medical University Zhengzhou University Capital Medical University
Tianjin Medical University Shandong University Fudan University
Nanjing Medical University Jiangsu University Wuhan University
Southern Medical University Sichuan University Ningxia Medical University
Tongji University Shihezi University Southeast University
Nantong University Fujian Medical University Three Gorges University
Guangzhou University Kunming Medical University North Sichuan Medical College
Southwest Medical University Xiamen University  
MBBS in China Fee Structure 2023-24
Name of the Universities Tuition Fees / Year (Rs.) Hostel Fees / Year (Rs.)
Jilin University Rs. 4,90,000 Rs. 71,000
Dalian Medical University Rs. 5,45,000 Rs. 95,000
China Medical University Rs. 5,12,000 Rs. 71,000
Zhejiang University Rs. 5,05,000 Rs. 71,000
Huazhong University of Science & Technology Rs. 3,96,000 Rs. 75,000
Sun Yat Sen University Rs. 5,60,000 Rs. 84,000
Anhui Medical University Rs. 4,15,000 Rs. 76,000
Capital Medical University Rs. 4,72,000 Rs. 90,000
Tianjin Medical University Rs. 4,84,000 Rs. 70,000
Shandong University Rs. 6,72,000 Rs. 95,000
Nanjing Medical University Rs. 5,36,000 Rs. 71,000
Nantong University Rs. 3,30,000 Rs. 88,000

Important Notes for MBBS in China

  1. Medical Insurance 600 - 800 RMB.
  2. Living Cost 800 - 1000 RMB Per Month.
  3. Student Should have 70% Marks in PCBE for MBBS in China.
  4. Physical Interview of the Student must.
  5. Student should have Good English Proficiency.
  6. Student Must Pass Entrance Exam.
  7. Application Fees and Registration Fees Extra.
  8. 1 RMB = 10 Rs.
  9. The tuition fee shown above in the table, is subject to change and the university reserves all the rights to change the fees anytime without any prior personal intimation to the students. You can contact us to know the exact amount of fee in INR.
Top Medical Universities in China

Medical universities in China has gained a worldwide recognition as China offers education, travel, multi-cultural exposure, tourism and offering medical education to students from numerous nations in 4 continents. Medical universities in China are one of the top-most preferences for medical students as China has more than 25 medical universities being recognized by NMC and other global medical councils.

Jilin University

Jilin University is considered to be one of the leading medical research university nationally and is located in Changchun China. Jilin University is regarded as Chinese Ministry of Education Class A Double First-Class University which has yielded more than 25,000 post graduates and has a more than 60,000 enrolments so far.

Jilin University
Year Established 1946
Recognition NMC, WHO
Course Duration 5+1 Year
Eligibility Criteria 70% in PCBE, 250 Score in NEET
Language of Study English
Last Date to Apply 1st Nov. 2023
Dalian Medical University

Dalian Medical University came into existence in the year 1947 and is situated in Dalian, Liaoning, China. Dalian Medical University is one of the largest medical university in China giving admissions to international students from more than 50 countries. Dalian Medical University is ranked as top ranked A grade university for Indian students to pursue their MBBS in China.

Dalian Medical University
Year Established 1947
Recognition NMC, WHO
Course Duration 5+1 Year
Eligibility Criteria 70% in PCBE, 250 Score in NEET
Language of Study English
Last Date to Apply 1st Nov. 2023
China Medical University

China Medical University commenced in the year 1958 and is located in Taichung city, China. China Medical University is ranked 1270 in world ranking and 158 in national ranking making it an ideal choice for the medical aspirants who want to pursue MBBS in China. China Medical University is known for yielding more than 8000 students so far.

China Medical University
Year Established 1931
Recognition NMC, WHO
Course Duration 5+1 Year
Eligibility Criteria 80% in PCBE, NEET Qualified
Language of Study English
Last Date to Apply 1st Nov. 2023
Syllabus for MBBS in China 6 Years Course
Year Semesters Subjects Covered
1st  1st – 2nd Sem. Spoken Chinese I, Integrated Chinese I, Introduction to Traditional Chinese Culture, China Today, Spoken Chinese II, Integrated Chinese II, Anatomy I, Biochemistry
2nd  3rd -4th Sem. Spoken Chinese III, Integrated Chinese III, Physiology I, Histology and Embryology, Anatomy II, Spoken Chinese IV, Integrated Chinese IV, Pathology, and Physiology II
3rd  5th – 6th Sem. Chinese Reading I, Pathophysiology, Microbiology, Pharmacology I, Chinese Reading II, Pharmacology II, Medical Psychology, Medical Ethics, Medical Genetics, and Community Medicine
4th  7th -8th Sem. Medical Chinese I, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Radiology, Diagnosis, Fundamentals of Clinical Skills, General Surgery, Anesthesiology, Medical Chinese II, Internal Medicine I, Surgery I, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases, Acupuncture and Moxibustion
5th  9th – 10th Sem. Medical Chinese III, Internal Medicine II, Surgery II, Psychiatry, General Oncology, Emergency Medicine, Stomatology, Traditional Chinese Medicine Patent Drug, Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical Chinese IV, Forensic Medicine, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Dermatology, Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Imagiology, and Patient Safety
6th  11th – 12th Sem. Internship in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internship in Pediatrics, Internship in Medicine, Internship in Surgery, Others
Reviews of Indian Students Studying MBBS in China
Particulars Rating out of 5
Safety of Students in China 3.60
Education System 3.70
Tuition Fees  3.90
Recognition of Medical Universities 4.00
Living Cost 3.70
Visa  3.50
Climate 3.80
NMC Approved Universities in China
University City  Country Rank World Rank Status No. of Seats
Jilin University Changchun 19 334 Govt 120
Dalian Medical University Dalian 144 1285 Govt 100
Xinjiang Medical University Ürümqi 211 1718 Govt 100
Wenzhou Medical University Wenzhou 78 804 Govt 100
China Medical University Taichung 156 3308 Govt 100
Zhejiang University Hangzhou 3 215 Govt 60
Huazhong University of Science & Technology Wuhan 12 276 Govt 100
Xian Jiaotong University Xi'an 10 265 Govt 100
Qingdao University Qingdao 122 2582 Govt 120
Beihua University Jilin City 412 6179 Govt 120
Hebei University Baoding 161 1397 Govt 100
Sun Yat Sen University Guangzhou 8 202 Govt 100
Anhui Medical University Hefei 222 4393 Govt 120
Zhengzhou University Zhengzhou 47 590 Govt 100
Capital Medical University Beijing 29 433 Govt 60
Tianjin Medical University Tianjin 419 6228 Govt 60
Shandong University Jinan 26 801 Govt 120
Fudan University Shanghai 5 170 Govt 120
Nanjing Medical University Nanjing 44 577 Govt 60
Jiangsu University Zhenjiang 68 721 Govt 60
Wuhan University Wuhan 12 245 Govt 100
Southern Medical University Guangzhou 49 626 Govt 120
Sichuan University Chengdu 13 296 Govt 120
Ningxia Medical University Ningxia 234 1901 Govt 100
Tongji University Shanghai 9 460 Govt 60
Shihezi University Shihezi 182 1567 Govt 200
Southeast University Nanjing 25 401 Govt 120
Nantong University Nantong 125 1137 Govt 120
Fujian Medical University Fuzhou 205 4074 Govt 120
Three Gorges University Yichang 215 1739 Govt 200
Guangzhou University Guangzhou 538 7458 Govt 120
Kunming Medical University Kunming 580 8009 Govt 120
North Sichuan Medical College Nanchong 342 5597 Govt 120
Southwest Medical University Luzhou 721 9796 Govt 200
Xiamen University Xiamen 14 267 Govt 100
Disadvantages of MBBS in China

If you want to study MBBS in China, then you may face the following issues:

  1. Adopting a new culture is a tough job for the students.
  2. The different climatic conditions may hinder medical studies in China.
  3. The language barrier may haunt the international students.
  4. This country has low FMGE percentage criteria.
  5. The students need to clear the HSK examination to learn Mandarin.
Process Month
10+2 Results May - June
Admission June
Invitation July - August
visa September
Departure September
Registration with the University September to October
Classes November
Scholarship for MBBS in China

The candidates need to have enough economic capacity for the Chinese taught MBBS course.

  1. China's medical universities provide scholarship facility to the candidates for MBBS admission in China.
  2. The candidates can get CSC scholarship as a financial aid.
  3. The Government, set the amount of scholarship on behalf of NMC approved Chinese medical colleges.
  4. Medical colleges of China provide enough money to the students for regular attendance.
  5. The amount of scholarship for MBBS in China in English can be up to 50000 Yuan.
  6. As a scholarship, the first-year students get 20000 Yuan based on their academic performance.
Hostel facility for Indian students in China

If you want to study at top-rated MBBS University in China, you should know about the following accommodation facilities:

  1. The university hostels are well furnished and perfect for students.
  2. Students can also get shared room facilities at the best Chinese medical colleges.
  3. You can also get a private apartment facility.
  4. The students will get facilities on the internet at the best medical universities in China.
  5. At the top 10 MBBS colleges in China, the candidates get a shared kitchen facility.
  6. China medical institutions install a unique security system for the candidates.
Is China a more Economical Option for the Students to Study MBBS?

All the students must know about the cost of MBBS in China to ensure financial capacity:

  1. In China, the candidates can get medical education at a lower fee.
  2. The therapeutic candidates should carry an extra amount with them for any emergency.
  3. The candidates do not have to invest big in transportation.
  4. The students do not have to pay much for food.
  5. Additionally, the insurance cost is comparatively cheaper in this country.
Items Cost
Insurance 600 RMB to 800 RMB per year
Medical Check-Up 600 RMB to 800 RMB per year
VISA Ext. 600 RMB to 800 RMB per year
Food Cost 500 RMB to 800 RMB per year
Hostel Fees 6000 RMB to 8000 RMB per year
Living Cost 800 RMB to 1000 RMB per month
Interesting facts about China

If you are planning to do MBBS in China, then you must know about these interesting facts:

Capital Beijing
Official Language Chinese
English Speaking Population 10 million
Minimum Temperature -18.7 degrees C
Maximum Temperature 66.8 degree C
Currency Renminbi
Exchange Rates to INR 1 Chinese Yuan is equal to 9.97 INR
Time Difference from India China is 2 hours 30 minutes ahead of India
Travel Time from Delhi to China Approximately 6 hours 10 minutes
Religion Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, Protestantism, and Islam
Climate Cold and Moderate Climate
Population Approx. 138.64 crores

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