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Over the years, we have developed a strategy that has consistently produced positive results in helping students discover themselves to make educational, career, and life decisions.


I provide career counseling services to a range of candidates starting from students in Class 9th – to college students – to job seekers – to working professionals seeking a career change.

With a wide variety of study streams and career choices available nowadays, school and college students and working professionals, often, get confused about which career line to choose. My counselling will help you remove all such confusions.

I usually start my counselling by giving an online aptitude test to candidates and then create an AI generated report based on the results of this test. This comprehensive test has the maximum duration of 75 minutes which is an optimum length of time unlike other lengthy aptitude tests available in the market. The report will map your interests with your skills and help us both understand your interests, top rated skills and top improvement areas, weaknesses and strengths. The report will also suggest to you learning recommendations to enhance your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. This test will also measure your IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient), PQ (physical quotient) and SQ (social quotient).

After the test is taken, the system will generate a 20 page Summary Report and about an 80 page Full Report. The AI generated report will suggest to you a broad range of study streams / career choices based on the results of the online aptitude test, in order of suitability. Then I bring in my human factor and personally discuss this report, either online or offline, with candidates and with the help of my diverse experience and knowledge, help them narrow down the career line that will give them maximum amount of job satisfaction and salary, for their skills and interests. My test will force you to do some introspection about yourself and the report and my counselling would be an eyeopener for you and would have the potential to change your life. I will help you create a realistic and futuristic road map for your career, be you a school student, college student or a working professional.

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